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Future Rach is a practicing artist. I use fictional, historical and political situations and make art pieces as i see, hear or feel.
The human condition fascinates me, in particular how we fit within the constraints of our environment.
I work in many mediums - from analogue pinhole photography, stop frame photography /animation/film, experimental music,spray enamel paint, collage, text, books,textiles and fashion. Using what is available to hand is attractive to me and the use of recycled and found items frequents my work.
Over the years I have used my own body to express emotion; I usually concentrate on the face and expressions.
Artists who I adore are Cindy Sherman and her constant use of herself in many different guises and Hannah Hoch who was part of the Berlins Dada movement in the 1920’s. Both splice together elements of how women are represented in society through fashion magazines, creating humorous images of women which speak volumes on our modern day western society.

babe- cropped